"ATCHEOLOGY USSR, 1979-1982"

On October 26


On October 26 at 18:00 in ZERO LINE gallery there will take place opening of the new "Oilcake" exhibition and also the presentation of the book of Vyacheslav Akhunov «ARTCHEOLOGY USSR, 1979-1982»

Oilcake is the product received after an extraction of vegetable oil on pressa of various design from the seeds of oil-bearing crops which have had training (sunflower, colza, a saffron milk cap, a flax and etc.). The concentrated forage for farm animals; one of components of compound feeds.

The press – the tool for an extraction and receiving oilcake, but in Russian this term has several values. The polysemy can cite words to interesting results in space of the modern art.

The second part of the program – a presentation of the album "ARTCHEOLOGY USSR, 1979-1982" ("АРТХЕОЛОГИЯ СССР", 1979-1982), the published 2017 LAURA BULIAN GALLERY (Milan), with direct participation of Marco Scotini (accompanying article) and Lilia Di Bella (design, computer providing).

The album represents facsimile printing of the hand-written Book of the Artist. The cover, as well as the original, is fitted the khan-atlas of the 80th years, and for the press old paper of those years has been found. Assembly and a cover became in the manual way in small printing firm of Milan. The album navigator in the Italian and English languages is applied to the main book.

The first presentation of the album has taken place in April, 2017 at the Art Brussels exhibition (Brussels, Belgium) in "The Underestimated Artists" project, and then at a personal exhibition of Vyacheslav Akhunov "RED MANTRA" in LAURA BULIAN GALLERY (Milan, Italy), at a personal exhibition in April, 2017 in Berlin, Germany.

Адрес: г.Ташкент, Мирзо-Улугбекский район, пл.Хамида Олимжана, Бизнес-центр, Западная сторона (рядом со "Старой консерваторией"). 


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