March, 22 - April, 15 2017


     On March 22 in the Open Day gallery ZERO LINE, devoted to memory of the artist, Urumbay Akhunov.

Water color works at which mountain valleys and cozy villages of Central Asia and to a view of the Russian villages as if covered with the thinnest air haze are imprinted will be presented; majestic monuments of ancient architecture both well-known, and little-known, but interesting in the architectural relation; city and industrial landscapes; everyday genre motives; penetrating portraits.

     Urumbay Akhunov was born in Fergana on March 21, 1923. In school days he visits an art-circle at "The house of pioneers" which was directed by the artist A. N. Uzlov. Strong influence on U. Akhunov's creativity is rendered by his meeting and further study at the Fergana watercolorist, the graduate of the St. Petersburg Highest art and industrial school of a name Baron Shtinglits, P. M. Nikiforov. In 1945, being in Tashkent, during military retraining, Urumbay Akhunov studies in studio of the artist A. N. Volkov. In 1949 gets demobilize from army in the city of Osh, and remains as the only thing in the south of Kyrgyzstan of the artist who has appeared on the horizon of cultural life of the city where there is his final formation as watercolorist. In 1950th works in local drama theater, in archaeological expeditions, is engaged in festive registrations of the city. In 1962 - the organizer of Art and production workshops of Art Fund at the Union of artists of Kyrgyzstan that in no small measure promoted origin of on-stage performance group.


     Urumbay Akhunov became the member of the Union of artists of the USSR, the first in the south of Kyrgyzstan, the participant Union and Republican exhibitions, in 1976, - among active organizers of the Osh regional office of the Union of artists of Kyrgyzstan. In 1977 returns home, to Fergana where has continued the vigorous creative activity. He has died in 1996, in Tashkent.

Адрес: г.Ташкент, Мирзо-Улугбекский район, пл.Хамида Олимжана, Бизнес-центр, Западная сторона (рядом со "Старой консерваторией"). 


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