From February, 16 to March, 15 2017


     On February 16, on Thursday, at 18:00 the ZERO LINE gallery opens a new exhibition which problem – to submit works of the Uzbek artists which cornerstone there are tragic and/or comic plots, subjects, images, states.


     The exposition has included performing painting, printing graphics, a ready-made, installations which are followed thematic video and an audio material.


     The purpose of organizers – on several striking examples in the Uzbek fine arts to show how the artist reflects tragical and comedy, by means of the chosen subject or transfer of the corresponding mood, and also to unite works of opposite poles in uniform exhibition space where they exist, mutually enriching each other. And sometimes, sad and cheerful, frightening and ridiculous, sad and ironic not just stand nearby, characterizing works of various artists, but are weaved together, in one work, granting to the viewer mixed feelings, forcing to be frightened of humour, but to win against fear laughter. 

     In structure of an exhibition "One step. Tragic and comic in art of Uzbekistan" are included works of such authors as L. Reznikov, R. Abdulgalimov, M. Kagarov, V. Tilkiyev, N. Babayev, T. Mukhammedov (reproductions), M. Eshonkulov, R. Bazarov,

S. Tychina, T. Mirzakhmedov.

     Festive motives and the public conflicts, environmental problems and comic sketches, national humour and the historical tragedy, personal tragedy and social satire – all this is so close each other that it is worth taking only a step …

Адрес: г.Ташкент, Мирзо-Улугбекский район, пл.Хамида Олимжана, Бизнес-центр, Западная сторона (рядом со "Старой консерваторией"). 


Тел: +99871 2375455


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