"TRIPS"– a new project by Vyacheslav Akhunov, created in 2019. The project is conceptual, nostalgically articulates the style of socialist modernism in the 1980s, opened by the artist, collage, structural. The artist appeals to the trails of a critical discourse about “anonymous and blind memory”, about its transformation and conflict. The work consists of 30 parts. On each part you can see 28 portraits of prominent figures of the USSR: leaders of the Communist Party, Heroes of war and labor, order bearers - village workers and notable workers, cosmonauts, military leaders, cultural figures, athletes, once depicted by socialist realists. Thus, a gallery of 840 portraits was constructed. In the work on the collages were used color reproductions of paintings from the Soviet means of ideological, mass media - magazines, albums, postcards. The artist fragments the illustrations, depriving authorship, removing from them the “superfluous” so that the result was a fragment with a portrait fragment, but leaving the possibility of being identified as a work of art. If we talk about a certain artistic, ideological and political context of the project, in this case we can recall the definition of “stagnant fragments of anonymous and blind memory.” In fact, a curious moment is revealed: images of the past, which are commonly called “historical cultural memory” are lost, erased from the memory of the next generations, become “fundamentally unreliable”, while, as Soviet artists of socialist realism, portraits of leaders and heroes were written to create eternity, inviolability, as a reminder of the historical milestones of the life of the Soviet country, about the ways of socialist existence. As a result, fragments of portraits or “fragments” become that “blind memory”, reminiscent of the once existing state with its homogeneous, ideological culture through and through, the dream of party leaders to permanently fix a certain form of life within the state, based on total power control, on stagnation and the end of the existence of this state. “Scraps” is an “elusive time”, the end of one story without starting a new one, when the previous story is corroded, fragmented, crowded out, lost and erased against the background of an increasing economic crisis, political uncertainty, eventlessness and everyday life with attempts to reanimate old beaten metaphors and cliche. In the article "Document 13" and the blind horror of a meteorite point of view "Russian art critic, theoretician, curator, editor of Art Journal, Moscow Art Magazine No. 86-87 2012 Maria Chekhonadskikh, in particular, describing, as she put it," landscape metaphysics Documents "Referred to the work of the artist from Uzbekistan Vyacheslav Akhunov" Artist's Book ":" The route "Documents", as you know, begins with the "Brain" - an inspection of the glazed Rotunda Fredericiananum. I confess that, in my opinion, this is the strongest part of the exhibition, in which the position of the curator is concentrated and worked out in detail. This part of the exhibition in the literal sense - the phenomenon of "non-human nature." Everything that is represented in the rotunda is related to the inner life of objects, the complex and contradictory conditions of their being in the world. As planned by the curator, all the exhibits presented were intended to express the basic principles of the “Documents” mentioned above. Here you could find sculptures, manuscripts, photographs, everyday objects, decorative art, fabrics, branches, stones, between which a dramatic polylog is played. The rotunda opens with Vyacheslav Akhunov's conceptual album. The artist’s old “anti-Soviet diary” is kept under the glass of a museum pedestal. The whole context of the creation of this album has disappeared along with the USSR, so that only a stale fragment of anonymous and blind memory looks at the viewer. Among the exhibits were also “Bactrian princesses” (2500–1500 BC), mini-sculptures of female figures from Central Asia. ”Presented on“ Document 13 ”in the artist's album, or rather“ Artist's Book ”, project drawings, diaries records can be called "blind memory", but if this statement is taken as an art critic's point of view, then today it can be said with confidence that the definition of "stagnant fragments of anonymous and blind memory" can definitely be attributed to one of the latest projects of the artist "TRIPS" . It should be noted: Vyacheslav Akhunov, while the only artist from Central Asia, who took part in one of the most prestigious exhibitions in the world, in the "Document", held every five years in the German city of Kassel.

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