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The cat is a room for keeping sheep and cattle. In the conventional sense - places in the steppes or mountains, where there are rooms for pastures (shepherds), the nearest pastures, open pens, sheds and other facilities for maintenance, cutting, sections of carcasses, etc.

Cossack dictionary reference:

Kashara is a winter half-earth room for sheep ...

Thieves' Slang Dictionary:

KASHARA - Barak in ITU; hostel.


Most likely - the hut. A long row of pens for horses, sheep, cows, bulls with bars-doors is a classic Animal Farm. We do not have a prototype of the “Cattle Corner” with the cruel owner Mr. Jones and a pig named Napoleon, from the satirical tale of the same name by George Orwell. Although some of the main characters still exist, but without aggressive Berkshire criticism, they gained unlimited universal power in the Animal Farm after the uprising. The boar uses repression and the repressive apparatus in the person of ten people who use it for their own purposes to ensure personal power and suppress hostility, as well as to dominate Napoleon's main rival, Snowball. After the seizure of sole power begins to develop the cult of the personality of Napoleon. The image of Napoleon refers to I.V. Stalin.

And Stalin and his children can be seen on the wall of the cattle barracks on the agitation poster “Stalin's care for children. “The goal is communism” and another work “The Red Mantras of Stalin”, located in the pen with rams.

The guard dog lies at the exit of the Animal Farm, gazing lazily at the hanging carcass of the ram, a gift from the owner for faithful service.

On the wall, next to the metal door grids of each of the pens, are cardboard sheets with flags and flags of the former Soviet republics of the USSR, but torn to pieces, as a symbol of liberation, now independent states. Although open doors lead to the idea that this independence can be thought of at any moment back into the pen, into the barrack-hostel.

Cows, sheep, horses, turkeys and chickens - the inhabitants of the Animal Farm, looked warily at the hanging pictures. The exhibition of contemporary art is a new event in their life. We meet in the exhibition halls when a man in the street comes to inspect contemporary art exhibitions. Just not different from the inhabitants, our uneducated viewer, having understood nothing, begins to resent, call the exhibition real shit, rubbish and various other swear words.

Thus, different people may not be able to understand that this animal world, and some of its inhabitants, must be killed, or we live in our human Animal Farm, are already killed, and cannot live without knowledge. .


Postscript It was a joyful and benevolent, demonstrating a desire to provide assistance, rejoice. “Let them admire,” said one of the women, “smart, obedient, accessible.” What we noticed: "Smart sheep, they say, meat for pilaf is no good." “What are you, we have special sheep,” the woman worried, “all fat-tailed, quickly gaining weight. Pictures will not affect the taste of meat. "



I. SABIROVA - organizer of the project “KA-SHA-RA”, author of photos


At first I was very upset that the exhibition “KA-SHA-RA” would not be held in Tashkent, and then suddenly thought that it had already taken place at the Animal Farm, and the exhibition, in the form of photographs, had the opportunity to present on the international platform.

Visitors to the exhibitions, unfortunately, as often happens, did not ask questions, the criticism did, and art critics outside the Zero Line gallery had long forgotten where the Word begins. The spectator, at best, is invited to take a step immediately into the Transcendental and there to receive his Existential experience from what he saw, and within the framework of conceptual art we can hear only “music of silence”.

But watching from the audience's reflection, one feels that the viewer is not so hopeless that the Joy of Recognition already visits him, he takes a selfie, the artist’s handwriting is known to him, although the secrets of social modem (artistic direction of Vyacheslav Akhunov) have not yet been revealed to him, but the forms are already are familiar and evoke emotions, expressed in a kind emotion or varying degree of bewilderment.

The artist has not considered for a long time that the art community, like “The Territory of Art”, is a platform where the creator is asked questions, criticized or analyzed his work. Once, a performance by V. Akhunov was devoted to this, where in the exhibition hall and at the cemetery he appeared with a badge “Please do not disturb! I am not an artist ”, comparing two spaces, and not finding differences in them. Then he appeared with a badge on the market (market): "I am an artist, and I can answer all your questions." It is there, according to the creator, that Art takes place - in the boil of life, where there are a lot of performances, ready-made elements, installations, actions ...

In my opinion, V. Akhunov chose the right intonation, reflecting on the artist of the New time. He should not wait for the reaction of the professional art community, although it is certainly important and necessary, but always late or too difficult for the viewer to perceive.

Today, for the creator, there is a need to reach the viewer himself, call him to a conversation, convey his own position bypassing the barriers of the “evidence base”. The viewer is invited to ask the artist directly, feel free to express their attitude, learn to formulate their own thoughts and become an active participant in the art process. In a word, learn to think, think, get rid of your own ignorance and God forbid to be one of the inhabitants of the Animal Farm.

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