ON JANUARY 26, 2018


     January 26 (Friday) at 18:30 in ZERO LINE gallery there will take place opening of a new exhibition from the SPRIVETOM art group under the name "Tastes differ".  

     Artists of the "SPRIVETOM" group pay a tribute to art of postmodernism which is intended not to decorate our houses or to entertain us, and gives cause for reflection, pulls down stereotypes and moral templates.

The categoricalness and sharpness of statements of contemporary art often causes shock and rejection in the unprepared viewer. Representatives of official culture and the state system, practically excepting detailed studying of art of modernism and postmodernism from the education program, often see in him hooliganism and disrespect for classics.

     The "SPRIVETOM" group supports competent theoretical justification and an explanation of works of the contemporary art. And the viewer acquainted with different art is capable to make a choice for this or that form or the idea, without imposing of preferences from official culture, media, acquaintances and friends.

 Within an exposition the Uzbek artists refer to the project of the Belarusian artist, Sergey Kiryushchenko "To cultivate new tastes" which critically perceives the current state of the Belarusian culture which is desperately demanding changes. "SPRIVETOM" is found at Kiryushchenko by many parallels with a situation in the Uzbek cultural environment and express the relation in the "Tastes differ" project.

Адрес: г.Ташкент, Мирзо-Улугбекский район, пл.Хамида Олимжана, Бизнес-центр, Западная сторона (рядом со "Старой консерваторией"). 


Тел: +99871 2375455


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