Не was born in 1948 in Osh, Kyrgyzstan . Lives and works in Tashkent. Vyacheslav Akhunov is an artist, the writer and the philosopher. Works in technicians of a collage, painting, installation, a performance, video, and also is the author of numerous essays and novels. Since the beginning of the 2000th years Akhunov began to research possibilities of new media, in particular, of video. His works emphasize paradoxes of cultural marginality. He also researches changes and problems of public inequality in own region, indirectly commenting on development of collective religiousness in once secular society. His works are always directed to integrity and personal responsibility to what law enforcement agency this personality wouldn't belong. Among the last exhibitions of the artist it should be noted BALAGAN!!!, Berlin (2015), the 5th Moscow Biennial (2013), Pavilion of Central Asia on the Venice Biennial (2013, 2007, 2005), the 1st Kiev Biennial (2012), Documenta (2013), Kassel (2011), Ostalgia, New Museum, New York (2011), Time of the Storytellers, KIASMA, Helsinki (2007), Monreal (2007) Biennial and the 1st Singapore biennial (2006).

Адрес: г.Ташкент, Мирзо-Улугбекский район, пл.Хамида Олимжана, Бизнес-центр, Западная сторона (рядом со "Старой консерваторией"). 


Тел: +99871 2375455



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